Huda Akil, PhD, University of Michigan, DTF Chair
Expertise: Lead researcher of genes and proteins that cause vulnerability to major depression; expert in the brain biology of emotions, stress and depression.

Joshua Gordon, MD, PhD, New York State Psychiatric Institute & New York Presbyterian Hospital
Expertise: Studies genetic models that show a predisposition to neuropsychiatric illness using optogenetic techniques; expert in electrophysiology.

René Hen, PhD, Columbia University
Expertise: Investigates specific serotonin receptors as well as hippocampal neurogenesis in pathological states such as depression and anxiety; expert in neurogenetics.

Helen Mayberg, MD, Emory University
Expertise: Examines neural systems mediating mood and emotions with a primary emphasis on major depression and its recovery; pioneer in Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) as a therapeutic for treatment resistant depression.

Bruce McEwen, PhD, Rockefeller University
Expertise: Investigates stress effects on brain centers involved in emotion, fear memory and mood control; expert in the neuroscience of stress and emotion.

Michael Meaney, PhD, Douglas Institute & McGill University
Expertise: Studies early environmental regulation of gene expression and brain development; expert in epigenetics.

Attending as HDRF Research Cabinet Members:

Jonathan Javitch, MD, PhD Columbia University & New York State Psychiatric Institute
Expertise: Studies the structure, function, and regulation of G protein-coupled receptors and neurotransmitter transporters, the targets of antipsychotic drugs, psychostimulants and antidepressants; expert in molecular pharmacology.

Eric Nestler, MD, PhD, Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Expertise: Molecular neurobiology of drug addiction and depression; transcriptional and epigenetic regulation in the brain.